Turnstile Porta standard Middle mixed

Modern access control system should care about its users, first of all, so we offer the system solutions for disabled people to ensure their movement is more comfortable and safe.

Product Description

Turnstile Porta standard Middle mixed is a luxury swing turnstile with elegant and light design: it is an embedded portal to the restricted areas. The turnstile casing can be made of different materials, including luxury one. Its gold coated design is a bestseller (titanium nitride coating). The Porta Central Cabinet is a complement to the baseline of Porta turnstiles, which allows several passes using fewer racks. The turnstile is intended both for office premises and for subways and can be easily integrated into most access control and payment systems.

  • The turnstile casing design provides easy access to mechanism for technical maintenance;
  • The turnstile is operated by the external control panel or external controller of the access control system;
  • The turnstile can be equipped with reader of 125 kHz RFID-cards or 13,56 MHz MIFARE®* cards, or 1D/2D barcode scanner;
  • The turnstile can be connected to the system via Ethernet or RS-485 interface, and can operate in online mode;
  • The turnstile can be operated by external control computer and receive commands via RTU Modbus industrial protocol;
  • The software can be easily integrated into different access control and payment systems. It supports extensive system of tariffs and provides information about turnstile operation.
Design options:Overall DimentionsSpecifications
Casing –  polished stainless steel (brushed stainless steel +700 EUR)

Flapss –  flaps made of highg-impact glass, flaps with plastic cover plates for wider pass

Case height: 1005 mm
Case length: 1530 mm
Case width: 153 mm
Passage width: 700 mm
Weight: 85 kg
Supply voltage: 110 V± 20%
Power consumption: 80 W
Capacity: 30 men/min and more
Torque of the flap mechanism: 20 nm ± 10%
Working temperatures: 0…+45°С
Dust and water protection rating: IP 40