GL-IT gate 180⁰ turn

GL-IT automated swing gate with acrylic glass panel is an ideal solution for entrance points of banks, administrative buildings, business centers and other sites with the highest requirements for design and comfort.

Product Description

The wide aisle and smooth rotation of the swing panel make GL-IT gates convenient for wheel-chair access. Passage width can be increased by installing two gates facing each other. In this case the gates will be able to provide well-synchronized blocking of wide passages. Due to its simplicity the GL-IT swing gate can be easily integrated into most access control systems.

Peculiarities:Design options:
• The gate is equipped with a built-in master controller.
• Flap drive provides smooth opening at ± 90 degrees.
• The wicket can generate signals for higher-level controllers.
• Low level of consumption due to turnstile’s simple design.
• Special features, such as pass state indication.
• Applicable for outdoor installation.
Casing: brushed stainless steel; polished stainless steel;
painted black metal.
Flaps: acrylic glass swing panel with polished stainless steel frame
Overall dimensions:Specifications:
Post height 1005 mm
Post width 1005 mm
Post depth 115 mm
Flap width 870 mm
Passage width 900-950 mm
Post weight ≈ 24 kg
Supply voltage 24 V
Power consumption 200 W
Capacity 15 persons/min
Working temperatures 0…+45°С
Torque of the flap mechanism 10 nm
Dust and water protection rating IP 41