Turnstile Porta Breeze Middle

Porta Breeze is a modern solution to manage access control outdoors. Flaps made of corrosion-resistant tubes.

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Product Description

The turnstile has simpler mechanism, updated controller and extended operating conditions. Stylish design allows to manage access control in enterprises, office buildings, business centers, banks, etc. Up-to-date materials and design improvements ensure reliable operation of the turnstile in any climatic conditions. Turnstile Porta Breeze Middle has proved its faultless performance under extended temperature range and high humidity conditions.

  • Turnstile design provides reliable operation in any weather environment.
  • The turnstile can be intuitively controlled by external control panel as well as external controller of the access control system.
  • Inside the turnstile there is place to install readers for contactless cards of popular formats and if needed 1D/2D bar-code scanners.
  • Turnstile controller is equipped with RS485 interface for connection of external access control systems and allows to develop software for the turnstile control using standard control protocols.
  • The turnstile is a new model in Porta turnstile product line that has proved itself good and has simpler mechanism, updated controller and extended operating conditions.
Design options:Overall DimentionsSpecifications
Casing – polished stainless steel

Flapss – flaps made of corrosion-resistant tubes

Post height: 1000 mm
Post length: 1530 mm
Post width: 155 mm
Passage width: 700 mm
Post weight: 38 kg
DC power supply: 24V±10%
Consuming voltage: min 25W
Capacity: 30 men/min and more
Torque: 20 nm ± 10%
Working temperatures: -20…+45°С
Dust and water protection rating: IP 54