Turnstile CALISTO electric drive

Calisto turnstile is a reliable device with an ergonomical casing.

Product Description

Turnstile CALISTO of trendy design can blend in any stylish interior: the turnstile casing can be made of different materials, including luxury one. The direction of the passage is additionally highlighted with the running lights indication. The turnstile is intended for usage as a part of access control systems for managing people’s access to the supervised territory: office and administrative buildings, manufacturing enterprises, tourist zones, stadiums, amusement sites and others. It serves for access control to the subway and other types of transport platforms with restricted access. Electric drive ensures smooth move of the tripod to increase the passage speed and convenience.

• The entire turnstile surface is smooth and has no sharp edges for passengers’ safety.
• The antipanic function can be controlled remotely and enables free passage in the emergencies by full opening of the turnstile. This function allows integration of the turnstile in the common security system and can be automatically activated simultaneously with the alarm notification.
• The turnstile can be equipped with reader of 125 kHz RFID-cards or 13,56 MHz MIFARE® cards.
• Changeable indication (the form and colour of indication lights can vary).
• The turnstile casing design provides easy access to mechanism for technical maintenance (through the upper cover, locked with the special key).
Design options:Overall dimensions:Specifications:
Casing: polished stainless steel
Tripod bars:  stainless steel
Gear: electric drive
Case height 1047 mm
Case length 1316 mm
Case width 220 mm
Tripod bars 500 mm
Passage width 550-600 mm
Weight 70 kg
Supply voltage 24 V ± 15%
Power consumption (max) 35 W
Capacity 20 persons/min and more
Working temperatures 0…+45°С
Dust and water protection rating IP 42