Turnstile Raptor Light X- shaped (90° angle)

“Raptor X Light” is compact and easy to assemble: it has lost all non-functional parts, while maintaining the reliability of older models. The Raptor line is three new full-height turnstile models in the LOT Group line.

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Product Description

Raptor X Max, Raptor Y Max and Raptor Y Light are designed to provide absolute tamper-proof perimeter protection. The turnstiles of the Raptor line do not require a security post and its staff. The entire Raptor line is fully automated – these are the new generation smart system turnstiles. A significant advantage of Raptor turnstile models is the versatility of their connection. Integration with almost all access control systems common on the market is provided. The dimensions and design of the turnstiles make it possible to mount them in a variety of installation locations. And finally, the Raptor line of full-height turnstiles is beautiful and functional – the models have an elegant design, and at the same time their mechanisms are made with a high margin of safety.

Functional features:

  • The full height turnstile is compatible with most types of access control systems.
  • The servo-driven turnstile provides a wide range of options for controlling the barrier mechanism.
  • The locking mechanism is made using a brake clutch with a braking force of more than 1 ton, which ensures absolutely reliable fixation of the mechanism in any position.
  • Can be made: from polished stainless steel; from polished stainless steel; in painted black metal.