Turnstile Eco electromechanical

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A compact and reliable electromechanical turnstile Eco from LOT Group allows you to organize a throughput of more than 30 people per minute.

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Описание продукта

Compact tripod turnstile “Eco” is ideal for organizing access control at small checkpoints of enterprises, offices, banks, public transport salons, where small size, design reliability and economy are equally important. Compact tripod turnstile “Eco” developed on the basis of the Expert turnstile, this model has retained full functionality, including the controller, light indication and reader. “Eco” perfectly saves the budget and space.

  • Mounting the turnstile on the wall.
  • Control of the turnstile using an external control panel or an external ACS controller.
  • Possibility of internal installation of a reader for 125 kHz RFID cards or 13.56 MHz MIFARE® cards.
  • The “anti-panic” function, controlled remotely, allows you to fully open the turnstile for passage in case of an emergency. Thanks to this function, the turnstile can be integrated into the overall security system and automatically operate when an alarm occurs.
  • Low energy consumption due to simple design
Design options: Overall Dimentions Specifications
Casing:  brushed stainless steel

Tripod Bars: aluminum

Gear: electromechanical

Case height 345 mm
Case length 284 mm
Case width 238 mm
Tripod bar 500 mm
Passage width 550-600 mm
Stand weight 13 kg
Voltage power supply, DC 24 AT ±15%
Consumed power (max) 30W
Checkpoint ability electromechanical – 30 people/min
Working temperature 0…+45°С
Class dust and moisture protection IP 42